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"it's called moving smart and that's my jam"

“Do you practice everyday?“

“and what do you do?“

“How long for?“

These are questions I am being asked very often.

My answers varies because my practice evolves, changes

and looks different single everyday.

But if there is one thing I've learnt over the years is that

it doesn’t have to be hard or sweaty to be efficient.

Let me tell you, I have had much far better result

moving my body the gentle way and feel healthier now than I ever felt before.

What's different ?

I take time to pause, feel and let the movement infuse in my body,

I breathe deep and focus my attention to all the movement within.

It's called awareness.

Practicing this way helps me regulates my nervous system,

be more in tune and loving with my body.

Also, it feels delicious.

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I open the doors of my personal practice to you, so you can get a taste of it too. Together we move, breathe and explore our bodies in a different way.

It’s call moving smart and that’s my jam.

I'll be delighted to see you there , truly.

Aurélie xx

Ps : your first practice is waiting for you


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