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30min gentle neck and shoulders release (free yoga practice)

Updated: May 13

Many think I'm a super healthy, strong and flexible person because I do yoga. 

Well, Yes and No.

Like every human I have my limits and restrictions in the body and in full honesty even if I practice regularly I wake up most day with terrible pain in my neck, and shoulders area, sometimes unable to move my neck or my back, like it froze during the night or something. 

When that happens, I know that the only way to go on with my day is to start with some gentle movement to slowly release the stiffness I feel in my body. 

I know we've all been there. Stiff neck and sore back, right ?

The day I filmed this practice was one of those days, stiff and painful and I believe that if it helped me, it can help you too. 


So like they say on repeat in Nepal 

“ sharing is caring” so here we are, a gentle yoga practice to release tension in your neck, back and shoulders area, just for you ♡


side note : you might wonder why there is some 🍑 booty work in there too, well, your glutes aka your bum, is, unlike what we think, part of the core muscle group and a very important part of the body to keep strong in order to maintain an healthy back (it's not all but part of it). 

ok, enough talking, here is your practice

If you happen to like sharing on social media, remember that you can tag me at 


on Instagram, so I can see your post and story.  

I love to receive your feedbacks and see you practice with me :)

If that's not your thing, that's perfectly fine too ♡


Enjoy your practice


A gentle reminder

Offering free content to your inbox came from the desire to make yoga classes accessible to you,

no matter where you are financially. 

For this to be sustainable for me, you need to understand that it 

cannot be a high budget, ton of preparation kind of thing, but still,  

there is value.


So, here is a gentle reminder of the conditions :

🤍 I film my personal practice with whatever I have access to in the moment

🤍 I voiceover the video to guide you all the way 

🤍 it's me real and raw, no edit, messy hair, not so pretty background & funny angles

🤍 it's a gift and for you to keep :)

🤍 There is no promised schedule, it comes when it’s ready

xx Aurélie

women in bloom
may we bloom

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