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I have lived with anxiety most of my life, not really being aware of it

until a few years ago when it went all downhill.

I share a piece of my story in this article

Years later, I am happy to say that I am no longer afraid of anxiety.

 I have learnt and practiced ( a lot ) on how to reset my nervous system.

I played and experimented with it to understand which can be

the most effective tool or practice according to what I am feeling. 

Today, share all my secrets with you

and I can't wait to start this journey with you

xx Aurélie

  • I feel stressed, overwhelmed and/or anxious

  • I am done letting anxiety, stress and overwhelm rule my life

  • I am ready to take the control of my life

  • I want to confidently handle and shift moments of “inner crisis”

  • I want efficient tools and practices to implement in my life

  • I want a change, I am ready for a change

  • I want inner peace

  • to learn concrete and efficient tools to tame your anxiety, stress and overwhelm

  • to acquire techniques to find instant relief

  • to elevate your life and your wellbeing

  • to build confidence 

  • to gain mental clarity

  • to take the control of your life

  • to navigate life with ease

  • to (re)gain trust in your abilities

  • to improve the quality of your sleep

  • to handle stressful situation more calmly

  • to find your way back to inner peace

  • to live the life you deserve

  • I am looking for a therapist 

  • I am not (yet) ready for a change 

  • I don’t believe my life can improve 

  • I want the magic pill​

It’s a mini online studio with unlimited access 

where you get :

  • x21 pre-recorded classes ranking from 5 to 55 min

  • All classes are designed to reset your nervous system to tame your anxiety and add more peace into your life

  • relaxation, breathwork, yoga, EFT technique, shaking, meditation, self-massage and journaling exercise

  • suitable to all levels

will be announced on May 23rd

BIG Giveaway takes place on my instagram @maywebloom_
on Friday 17th till Sunday 26th of May 😉

Come play and get a chance to WIN FREE ACCESS
to Tame your Anxiety + extra Bonus for all participants 🥳


Can't wait,

xx Aurélie

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