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En-tête 1

Behind May we bloom, there is me, Aurélie

I find yoga while pursuing a career in hairdressing. At that time, my life was hectic i was working a lot and partying way too much.

Being very close to burn out, I decided to take a break for myself and travel around the globe. 

During that time I have trained in various modalities of the wellness cosmos..

It's in India, back in 2016 that i took my first Yoga instructor training. Followed by a Therapeutic Massage course in Thailand. 


I taught to friends, classes and on retreats around south america before coming back to France in 2019, where i started teaching weekly classes and facilitating on fasting retreats. 

 Meanwhile developing my own brand of yoga props and zero waste products, that i design and sew myself. 


it’s been a journey to say the least. i've learnt that acceptance and awareness can transform one's life. I believe in living slow and allowing space for the quiet daily. 

 I love to create and experiment, i love to cook, to dance, i love to write, i love painting, i love a new project and i love to rest.

I’ve gathered a good amount of tools

 to live lighter and bloom gracefully

that i'm now excited to share with you.

Dearly, Aurélie

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